Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yoko Ono's Cut Piece: Feminism, Live Art and Lineage.

All images & texts are Copyright © Natalie Raven unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

Here is a small extract which forms part of my initual PhD musing. 

I am incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to study and reflect on the artworks of radical feminist performance and live artists. They form part of my lineage. I create in their honour. 

I realise that my research, however much driven out of personal politic, passion, or curiosity actually forms part of a much wider conversation about feminism, equality and women's lived experience in contemporary society. My research is somewhat about me, but not just me. 

I am part of a movement which seeks to challenge patriarchal, hetero-normative standards to form new ways of being, existing and understanding. I am contributing toward the shaping of my own culture, it's ideologies and policies. 

I am writing my own history. 

Not simply for me.