Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fuck Donald Trump - Make America Great Again

I bled, and I bled good.

On the 9th November at 3pm in The House Studio at Plymouth University, I performed 
la sainte trinité. 

It was also the day that Donald Trump was announced President Elect of the USA.

I bled, and I bled good. 

I bled for those whose souls lift my spirit toward the sky.
I bled for those whose eternal fight for justice inspires me to continue waking up everyday.
I bled for those who live with integrity, love, kindness, and compassion in their hearts.
For the oppressed and the marginalised. 

I am with you.
You matter.
I see you.

I bled for all of those who feel numb, rejected, isolated, and vulnerable living in a society which is now at the mercy of a


Rise up, resist.
You have the power to change history.  
I bled and will bleed for you, and for me.
As one.