Friday, 24 March 2017

Presenting at Buzzcut 2017!

I'm really happy to say that I'll be headed up to Glasgow at the beginng of April to do a presentation for 



Artist Academia and the Aldi Carrier Bag: 
survival strategies for the piss poor  

This presentation will navigate my own lived experience, highlight the discriminatory and socio-econimically exclusive practices still found in the art world, and describe techniques and strategies for economic survival.

 Poster designed by Laurie Brown

I'll also be doing a performance ritual with Dagmar entitled

'Buckfast Bible Drinking'

"bringing Devon and Glasgow together in acts of Holy Com-union"

It'll be my first trip to Scoltand (shock horror) and I'm really excited to be heading up there

Much Love

- Natalie 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Christanity and Radical Body Art: Ron Athey

I've been influenced and inspired by Ron Athey's practice for a long time (after seeing his work at Performance Space and Spill), but it is only now that I have begun to reflect on the Christian aspects of it. 

This is a video clip of Athey talking about his early experiences with Christianity, and how it has affected his practice. 

I'll ago deeper into my own relationship to Christianity in a future post. 

- Natalie 

Experiments - Practice Research - Cloth, Movement, and Fluidity

Representation of self

in absence and presence

and body and cloth

and abject



March, 2017